Sunday, 23 October 2011

Visual Perception Concepts

Originally i was thinking down the line of photo-realistic but have been recently convinced that it isn't my natural way of working.  as much as i love the beautiful realistic work of others it takes years to perfect and right now i'm not at that stage and being a critic of my own work i wouldn't be happy with imperfections that i would see and so would everyone else.  it's also been pointed out my previous animation work has been verging on abstract, which would be the comfortable route to go as it would alleviate the work load and giving more time to concentrate on the semiotics (subliminal messaging)

As the story is based around ghosts and psychology i'm looking into the visuals and what makes us question or perceive from what is not quite right

In Pirates of the Caribbean - Curse of the Black Pearl i like the idea that the realm of the dead is seen in the living just by using the the light of the moon and the two exist visually together

This picture shows the idea that things can be perceived differently just by a certain angle

This image show that we can see extra perceptions from something we didn't expect or what we thought was chaos

we can also change scale to play and amuse

these also remind me of what horror and spooky films play on, the power of suggestion and our individual perception.  we naturally feel uncomfortable by things we can't or can only partially see or cannot rationally explain.  our minds try to fill in the gaps.

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