Sunday, 23 October 2011

Subliminal Messages - Lady Gaga Videos

ok, so what have i been doing for several days?  well apart from reading, reading and reading i've been trying to define my project aim and one objective.  for me semiotics is just too vague, not really explaining my concept well enough and not honing down on what i want to convey in my animation.  i looked again at subliminal messaging, perception and stimuli.  i'd sort of brushed it aside earlier because the first thing that came to mind was the ethics and conspiracy theories, which i wanted to steer clear of.  then thinking about it again and looking deeper into it, everything we do is steered by subliminal messaging, body language being a natural culprit.

so i went to look for this within the entertainment industry, i'm trying to ignore advertising because i'm not trying to sell anything, only entertain.
the first port of call was a random google search and the first thing that took my eye was the theories behind lady gaga's video for "Telephone"
The first thing i read was this:
ignoring the conspiracy theory part i was impressed if these were hidden messages that Gaga and Jonas Akerlund were implying throughout.  I started understanding where Lady Gaga was coming from as well.  i have completely blanked her because i assumed she was just another mainstream pop act that is manufactured no matter what these "icons" say to the press and their fans.  with gaga also, as people would say "trying too hard", being outrageous in all she does, is she trying to communicate around the pigeon hole that pop has put her into?  is she screaming for her own identity?  and are most of us just putting her into the "mad" section because we haven't deciphered what she's trying to say because she's not conforming to the standard pop that we have been told to accept?  hence the messages in her videos

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