Monday, 17 October 2011

Audio - Soundtrack Ideas

Been thinking about the music for a while.  To start with i was thinking of a mixture of Holst and Pink Floyd influences.  The link with Holst being The Planets and Pink Floyd giving it a spaced out twist.

Now scrapping that idea after reading more about Victorian seances.  Majority would start and end on hymns and prayers and would use several musical instruments.  I was also listening to Dead Can Dance just randomly the other day and forgot how powerful Lisa Gerrard's voice was.  They are also able to create a huge spiritual sound using simple organ voices.  Enigma springs to mind with their Gregorian chants as well.

Also looking into Victorian music halls and seeing what instruments were popular at the time and tying the two ideas together to create a piece for my Victorian Ship Captain.  The audio to me is extremely important for my animation as i'm hoping it will create a strong emotional piece when coupled with the visual

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