Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Semester 1 - Pitch Week

So, now I'm managing a pitch/critique group.  From previous years, it's been a mixed experience for me.  I've noticed that if people are open to discussion then some good feedback can be gained, but this hasn't always been the case.  So as this was my chance to manage it i wanted to definitely maintain a good conversation level for each member's pitch.  Having said that i didn't want myself to be the sole voice and to force inputs.  I don't believe i have the right to say what is the best method to use because everyone has a different method, pace and style of working.  All i can do is offer up experiences that i went through and suggestions or tips.
Timing of the group i believe went well.  Everyone seemed to get a fair time to pitch with a fair amount of time for feedback without needing to push or limit verbally, which helped to maintain a relaxed atmosphere.
I was impressed and intrigued with some of the ideas that people had for their modules, even the topic of projection mapping and holograms came up briefly which i found quite strange as i'd not long blogged on here with similar subjects.  spooky...?
All in all for the first meeting the group seems like it could be beneficial to everyone involved throughout the year.

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