Saturday, 8 October 2011

Powering a Ship Through Space Using Ghosts

Having the idea of the Victorian space ship being powered by ghosts I've tried to think how I can show this visually and also how to be more scientific or technical about the details.  As ghost hunters believe that power drains or electromagnetic fields (EMF) cause ghosts to manifest I thought the reverse could be used for my Victorians.  They could use mediums/psychics to drawn the power from the "otherside" to use as the source for their ships.
After reading some Victorian ghost stories today I remembered Faraday's Cage and Tesla's Coils both Victorian inventions.  Faraday's cage was to protect from electrical charges.  Tesla coils produce them.  Having a slight Dr. Frankenstein moment I wondered what if i reversed the ideas and put (hypothetically that is) Tesla Coils inside a Faraday Cage and hooked them up to a medium/psychic which was then rigged up to the ship.  This could create the visual implement i need to base the story, also adding more Victorian references.  These could also add to the audio effects/semiotics within the piece.


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