Thursday, 13 October 2011

Psychology in Films

ok throwing these down as samples of psychology used in film that have stuck in my mind.  the first two are Sin City and The Others.

Watching Sin City a few months back for the first time sparked this thought off.  Near the end of the film, the character Kevin (Elijah Wood) is seen on the porch reading his bible.  Having previously been killed earlier in the film, i was first confused but then apprehensive as to what was to come next seeing as i knew what he was capable of.  Found out since it was homage to the original comics that the image of Kevin on the porch was flashed up to determine the location.  But still it still had the spooky horror reaction in me that i liked.

The Others is another film that stuck in my mind due to the fact that i only got the twist right at the second before it was revealed.  i won't say anymore for spoiler reasons apart from... genius!

the film that let me down was The Bone Collector.  I was looking forward to a good "Whodunnit" but one camera shot told me half way through.  When all the police were around Denzil Washington's character discussing the next move, the camera went to the doctor treating him.  at this point where all the focus should have been on the investigation i wondered why the shot was on the doctor, unless he was part of it all.  it was too obvious and i lost interest in the majority of the film after that. 

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