Saturday, 24 September 2011

Initial Technical Concept

Where to start?
A lot of this first post might not make a lot of sense as structure maybe all over the place prior to a mind map, but I’ll just type as the ideas I’ve had filter back through my head

With a start in theatre production, storytelling is the major part of my work.  Creating characters, scenarios and backgrounds that have definition and lead towards an entertaining narrative are the bulk of what I strive to do.  Added to this I try to weave partially hidden communication and messages whether through ancient, modern or futuristic symbology

Pushing the semiotics further into my next project, my vision is to use the various elements within an animation, such as lighting, sound, sets and character to each carry their own part of the hidden message.  Imagine an orchestral piece of music, where there are various sections of the orchestra but all playing their parts in the music and all talking to each other as if in a group conversation.  My goal is to make these animation elements communicate with each other and carry a message as part of the main narrative

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