Sunday, 25 September 2011

Initial Narrative Concept

As I have interest in both History and Science I would like to combine the two.  Intrigued by Steampunk, my ideas for the narrative are Victorian’s with the means of future technology

The Influences:
I am also interested in some people’s obsession with the realm of the dead.  Ghost stories fascinate me along with the unexplained.  Watching shows like Most Haunted has given me a few ideas.  Victorians were also attracted to communing with the dead, but only saw this as entertainment, a mere parlour game.   Ghost hunters tend to believe that sudden drains of energy such as batteries in cameras or electrics as in lighting is a sign of pre-manifestation of spirits, they use the energy from this world to communicate with ours.
I have read Warhammer novels for a good number of years.  Within Warhammer 40,000 they have the idea of powering ships across space with the use of Psykers.  These are individuals who harness power from “The Warp” (an immaterial dimension).  This to me is like a reverse of the belief of psychics, mediums and believers.
Taking on the idea of the Victorians progressing mechanical industries at a huge rate in the 1800s and also believing themselves to be superior to the majority, for example they defaced a huge number of architectures and artistic objects from various cultures believing they shouldn’t be seen by “civilised” public.

The Narrative:
All these have lead me to a narrative of a Victorian Merchant ship in deep space.  They have decided to plunder the galaxies for raw materials to advance their expanding industries.  Their parlour game of the Ouija Board has lead them to discover how to rip the power from the realm of the dead and to use it to power their ships through space, naïve or regardless of the fact they are torturing these souls.  One thing the Victorians could/would never overcome was nature.  They come face to face with a Black Hole.

Rewind back to the summer:
Growing up watching fantasy and sci-fi I have been immersed in television such as Doctor Who, Red Dwarf and Blake’s 7.  My first idea was to create a completely futuristic idea of freedom fighters in space and using the same technology as my Victorians.  So in fighting for freedom in their reality they are enslaving souls from another existence in doing so.   I have steered away from this line for a couple of reasons.  a) Freedom fighters in space has been done and b) there’s not much basis behind it.  Apart from a bit of swash buckling in space and the hypocritical Goody Two Shoes it’s a bit reminiscent of a Wendy House in a breeze

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