Monday, 23 January 2012

Exhibition/Exposition - update

This is the basis for the expo.  The idea is to contain the film inside a seance/spirit cabinet.  this links the project towards Victorian spiritualism but also suggests an uneasyness.  the panels allow posters and other marketing media to be attached.  these will also be styled in the manner of Victorian Illusionist posters of the period.

adding a plinth inside for the object, that will contain the projection, to rest on

rail for a curtain 

the curtain will run round the inside of the cabinet

the viewer being inside the cabinet alone will hopefully add to the sense of personal hallucination, and relying on their own experience to gather metaphor within the piece without distraction.

playing with shapes for the object.  the idea is to keep the hexagram shape in some 3D form.  this initial idea is to have the internal hexagon show the main short film and the surrounding triangles that make up the hexagram to show the development work.

further development towards the distance for the projector and object will need to be ascertained, which will lead to the top of the cabinet being closed off to stop external light seeping through.

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