Sunday, 13 November 2011

Semester 1 - Crit Week

Hosted the second meeting of the semester for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students last Monday.  Things went smoothly again, people were chipping into the conversations and giving advice where needed.  Some good art and ideas coming from everyone.
Reflection on myself, as I said in my post of the 1st meeting I will only try to spur people into talking more if I feel their presentation is lacking, but I'm not going to push them as i want to maintain a pleasant atmosphere where people can feel relaxed and then open up more.
The subject of sketchbooks came up, where one member of the group felt awkward and uninspired about having to draw in separate sketchbooks for each module, which broke his flow.  I too have noticed this problem so i suggested he tried separate sheets of paper and then at the end of the semester binding the appropriate work to their module into hand made sketchbooks.  Coding was another concern of a few in 2nd year with the Entertainment Design module.  I just tried to reassure them that as artists they didn't need to be worrying too much in this area, and that if in future they were to work with coders, which they will in semester 2 and 3rd year it was that they knew a simple understanding of how it works so that there weren't too many frictions between artists and coders.  Also if they're worrying too much at the start they will always see coding as an enemy and therefore steer clear of it in future, but coding can enhance some art projects and so they could miss out.  So taking away the worry at the start they could eventually take on coding on their own terms and try out methods gradually.
So to sum up from my view, the meeting was good and didn't seem like a chore as it sometimes had in previous years.

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